Is the Road Calling Your name?

Maybe you’re ready to escape the everyday and have a new adventure. You want to wake up with a different view outside your window every week. You want to hike in the redwoods, slide down the sand dunes, and swim in the ocean. You don’t want to live in one place. You want to live in ALL the places!


Are you ready to stop living for the weekends and live for every day?


We created RV to Freedom for those wanting to change their lives to one of freedom. The freedom to take your RV to the areas where you want to live for a day, a week, month, or longer! We love our life on the road and we want to help bring this joy to others. So grab a grab a chair (RVers always bring their own chair) and sit around the campfire for a few.

We help people learn how to live a life of freedom through RVing.


RV to Freedom is a resource for RVers and those wanting to learn more about the RVing lifestyle. We’ll bring you the information you need to start a life a freedom on the road. Learn more about getting started in this lifestyle, tips to help you on the road, and the gear we all use to make life easier.

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We're Kerensa and Brandon and we're Freedom RVers

We’ve been traveling since we met.  We’ve lived in different parts of the country and we always took road trips to explore the surrounding areas. While living in the NYC/NJ metro area, we got into camping and bought a pop-up camper to take a break from city life and explore the Poconos and Catskills. This made us think.

We were happy in our pop-up.

We were always happy on the road exploring new places and experiencing new things.

Maybe we could do this full-time; no permanent home except the one we drive.

So we planned, saved, researched, and then jumped in with both feet.  We left our corporate jobs to use our skills on the road, bought a home on wheels, and started our new life of freedom.

We’ve loved every minute of it, but it’s not always been smooth-going. We don’t want that for you and is why we started RV to Freedom. Learn the ins and outs now before hitting the road or a costly mistake is made. We can’t promise perfection, but for us, a day on the road is better than almost any other.

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