Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers!

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming and gift ideas are being requested. As RVers, we always find it hard to supply a list to family and friends as we just don’t have room for more physical things that we don’t need. Those crystal figurines may be beautiful, but practical for an RV they definitely are not. We’ve…

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Cutting the Cord: Our RV Solar Set-up

  When we started looking into full-time RVing, boondocking wasn’t even on my radar. We had been tent camping and had a pop-up we took out on the weekends, but I think in my mind, off-grid camping meant hiking into the forest and pitching a tent. This wasn’t somewhere a larger RV or even our…

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If the RV is Rockin’ – Try Anti-Sway Bars!

Once we made the move from a diesel RV with air suspension to a gas RV with leaf springs, we felt like the addition of beefier anti-sway bars would help to improve the ride a bit. Our new motorhome felt a little like a boat on uneven roads. There’s a reason Kerensa doesn’t do a lot of…

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