Getting Internet on the Road

If you need to stay connected, head over to our friends at RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

They focus on unbiased information about what really works for keeping connected while being mobile.  From cellular, WiFi, satellite and signal enhancing - they research the options, share their personal & professional experience and analyze industry news, so you can focus on what drives you.
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Towing a Car


Remco Towable Vehicle Search

This is a great site to input the details of your vehicle to see if it can be towed with all 4 wheels on the ground behind a motor home.

Motorhome Magazine Dinghy Towing Guides

These guides go back to 2000 and show you what cars can be flat towed and what limitations they may have.

Flat Towing Equipment



Manufacturers of base plates, tow bars, dollies, braking systems, RV sway bars, steering stabilyzers and other RV components

Blue OX

Manufacturers of base plates, tow bars and braking systems

Ready Brute Elite

Combines the tow bar and brake system in one. Requires a Roadmaster or Blue Ox baseplate.

Towing a Trailer

RV Trailer Journey. Travel Trailer Pulling by Large Sport Utility Vehicle in Arizona USA. RV Adventures. Recreation Photo Collection.

Trailer Life Magazine Towing Guides

These guides go back to 1999 and can help you find out the towing capacity for your vehicle. Note there is more to towing than just the towing capacity. You also need to consider the cargo capacity of the tow vehicle, the individual axle ratings, and other factors.

RV Clubs

Receive 10% off membership by using the code RV2FREEDOM5

RV Rentals is a peer to peer RV rental site. It allows you to rent and try out different types of RVs for vacations or before making your big purchase. You're renting directly from owners, so they can give you the scoop on their RV.

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