Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers!

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming and gift ideas are being requested. As RVers, we always find it hard to supply a list to family and friends as we just don’t have room for more physical things that we don’t need. Those crystal figurines may be beautiful, but practical for an RV they definitely are not.

We’ve pulled together RVer gift ideas that will appeal to many travelers. They’re either things we use ourselves or things on our wish list. If you’re getting the questions about what you want this year, send them this guide.

*The links below may be affiliate links. You’ll pay the same price as always (Harvest Hosts actually gives you a discount) and we’ll get a few pennies added to our Christmas fund as thanks.

Outdoor Gift Ideas

Luci Multicolor Solar LED Light

Lucy Color – Multicolor LED Solar Lights

Every RVer needs some easy solar led lights to light up their campsite, picnic table and add a festive atmosphere to their outdoor gatherings.

We really like these Luci Color – Multicolor Led Solar Lights. They can be set to white for normal lighting, but if an impromtu party kicks off they can change colors to fit the mood!

And because they are solar powered and pack flat, it’s easy to use them and store them.

If you are looking for a gift for the RVer in your life, you really can’t go wrong with these. They can always use more lights, even if they already have some.


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ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

RV parks don’t always have picnic tables. Even if they do, you may find yourself running out of space quickly when preparing a meal outdoors.

This aluminum roll-top table from Alps Mountaineering packs up small and is very lightweight so it won’t take up too much of your precious cargo space.

When set up, it provides a nice sturdy surface for meals, crafts, or anything else you may want to do outside your RV.


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Nebo Redline Flashlight

Nebo Flashlight w/ Magnetic Charger

This will be their favorite RV flashlight. The Nebo Redline 6392 flashlight is a small palm sized flash light that packs a lot of light in a small package. But the real trick is in the base.

The end of this flashlight has a magnetic induction charger. It will magnetically connect to its base to charge so your flashlight is always charged and ready to go. No more searching drawers for a flashlight with questionable batteries.

The magnetic base can be attached to a countertop near the RV door so it’s always there and easy to grab when you need to take your pets out at night or for a stroll around the campground.


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Fiskars X7 Hatchet

Fiskars X7 Hatchet

As someone with 5 axes/hatchets in their RV, I take these things a bit seriously.

You may have seen some of the ax restorations I have done on our Instagram page. And yes, a wood-handled ax with a restored vintage blade is very nice to have and use, but it’s overkill for most RVers.

I’m not going to be an ax purist and turn my nose at a great product just because it was made in the 21st century.

Most RVers just need a small hatchet to split kindling and chop the occasional branch down to size. The Fiskars X7 Hatchet is perfect for that. It’s inexpensive, very well made, and durable. On top of that, it has a lifetime warranty.

Even though I have nice restored axes, I still have a long handled Fiskars axe in the back of the SUV just in case.


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RV Gear

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS

To be honest, we’ve always used Google Maps for our travels and then we cross-check our routes with other sources to check for low clearances. But, if you or someone you know is the type that would like a dedicated device for your RV navigation the Rand McNally OVerdryve 7 RV GPS is hard to beat.

We’ve been testing one of these lately and it has a lot of great features we wish Google Maps had. You can input the height, weight, length, and width of your RV for routing purposes. You can also input your fuel economy to calculate fuel cost on your trip. It will show you what services and restaurants are available at exits along your route, and it can help estimate toll costs if you are taking toll roads. Or you can choose to avoid toll roads all together!

Keep watching RV to Freedom for a detailed review soon.

For now, we can say this would definitely make a great gift for an RVer you know, or just to treat yourself.


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Tst Tire Pressure Monitor

TST – Tire Pressure Monitor

Every RVer really should have a tire pressure monitoring system. As full-time RVers, our whole lives are riding on our tires.

Having a tire pressure monitoring system gives us peace of mind on the road and saves us from having to crawl around to check all of our tires before each trip.

The TST tire pressure monitoring system is a great one for any RVer. It has an easy to read color screen and is easy to set up. For long RVs, it comes with a signal booster included so you don’t have to buy an extra one.

Make sure to get enough sensors to cover all of your tires. For our motorhome and towed SUV, we need 10 sensors to cover all the tires.


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Viair 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Review

Viair 400P-RV Air Compressor

Living on the road means taking care of your tires. If we have a low tire, we need to be able to top it off quickly without waiting and hoping we can find a gas station with a working compressor capable of filling our tires.

Since we also off-road a lot and air down our SUV tires regularly, the Viair 400P-RV air compressor is great for quickly airing them back up at the end of the day.

The price is higher than the ones you can get at an auto parts stores, but this compressor inflates faster and is a lot more durable.

We did a review of this compressor to show you why it’s great for any RV.


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RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle

Stop locking yourself out!

The RVLOCK V4 keyless entry handle will put an end to climbing into the RV through the window, or searching for your keys when you’ve got your hands full.

This upgrade allows you to replace your current entry handle with a touchpad and remote controlled entry handle.

You can add up to 10 remotes also so everyone in the family has a “key” to the RV.


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Safety Gear

VAVA Dash Cam

VAVA Dash Cam – With Remote Trigger

Since we travel the open road, a dash cam is nice to have. Not only in case accidents happen, but also to catch those sunsets and sights out the front window.

The Vava Dash Cam is a bit more advanced than your typical dash cam. It films in wide angle 1080p so you can catch the whole road in front of you, and it also records GPS position and speed in case you want to remember a location or need this information for insurance purposes.

What’s really cool for RVers is that it has a remote trigger that can be mounted on the steering wheel. This way if something happens that you want to make sure is saved to the dash cam, you don’t have to reach across the large RV dash to push a button on the device.

The Vava Dash cam will also link to your smartphone to show images and video giving you a lot more control over other dash cams.

On top of all that it has good battery life and a g-sensor that will automatically start recording if something hits your RV.


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Garmin InReach+ Satellite Messenger

Garmin InReach Explorer+ Satellite Messenger

We do a lot of traveling in areas with low or no cell signal. We also go off-roading, hiking, kayaking and lots of other things that take us away from the beaten path and cell signals.

We don’t leave home without our Garmin InReach Explorer. It provides great peace of mind if we are out together or one of us heads out alone.

The InReach Explorer allows 2-way text messaging by satellite and provides topographic maps and GPS to help you avoid getting lost.

In an emergency, you can press the SOS button on the side to call in emergency responders.

There are some less expensive options as well that still provide satellite messaging, but don’t have all the GPS mapping functions.


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Gift Ideas for RVer Foodies

Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pronto Outdoor Pizza

Ok, this gift idea may not be as practical as some of the other options. But if you’ve got someone in your life that loves pizza the way Brandon does, then this might be the perfect gift for them.

Normally we would stay away from large, singe function items like the Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven in an RV, but one of our friends has it and it makes very good pizza quickly.

It cooks so fast you can put together a pizza party and everyone can make their own personal pizza topped however they like.

We know it’s expensive and we know $330 can buy  lot of pizza. But we can dream right?!


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Ninja Foodi - Electric Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Steamer

Ninja Foodi – Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

Everyone knows that the Instant Pot is a great invention for an RV kitchen.

The Ninja Foodi takes it to the next level by combining the functions of an electric pressure cooker with an air fryer. So now you can make fall off the bone tender meals and crisp fried chicken all in the same device.

The unit is about the same size as a 6-quart Instant Pot, but just a little bit taller. We are already measuring our cabinets to see if this will fit to replace our Instantpot.


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Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

S’mores are serious business in the RV world. You can make or break friendships over your choice of s’mores toppings.

Make sure you show up and roast in style with these extendable, rotating Supri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks.

And when your marshmallow catches on fire, remember to blow it out, don’t wave it around!


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RVer Fun & Games

Midnight Taboo

Midnight Taboo

When you are tired of playing Cards Against Humanity for the 100th time, give Midnight Taboo a shot.

It’s the same team-based word guessing game you had as a kid but it’s all grown up now and has a dirty mind.

Sit around the campfire with your new RV friends and watch as they try to get each other to guess words like “moist” and “dad bod.”

This game has been tried and tested at convergences and gatherings all last year and we’ve had fun every time.


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Nomad Playing Cards

Nomad Playing Cards from Theory 11

Show up in style to your next card game. Whether you are there to take tricks or win chips, the Nomad Playing Cards will let them know how you roll.

All Theory 11 cards are premium air cushioned cards made in the US. They look so nice you may not want to use them.

Make sure to check out all the other styles of Theory 11 cards too.


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Kindle Paper White Waterproof E-Reader

The new Kindle Paper White is thinner, lighter and water proof. Now you can have all your books with you all the time, even at the pool or hot tub.

Since weight and space are a premium in the RV and you need to make room for that pizza oven, the Kindle will help you free up some space and shed some weight!

This is one of Kerensa’s favorite pieces of tech in the RV. She can keep unlimited books and read them at night without turning on any lights.


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Camera Gear

Mavic 2 Pro Kit

Mavic 2 Pro – Fly More Kit

Capture those Epic shots with best, small drone on the market. We started with a DJI Phantom 3 advanced and it was a great drone, but so bulky.

The Mavic 2 Pro is small enough you can carry it easily on a hike. The Pro model has an awesome camera in it to capture epic aerial shots to make everyone jealous of your adventures.

There is also the Mavic 2 Zoom, but we prefer the higher quality lens over the zoom function. You can always fly it closer if you need to zoom in 🙂

This kit has everything you need in it. There is nothing else to buy, just get out there and start shooting.


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Zhiyun Smooth 4 – Smartphone Gimbal

Create professional quality stabilized video with your smartphone with the Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal.

We have the predecessor to this one, and it works great. You can take incredibly smooth footage while walking or driving with it.

This one takes it a step further and supports today’s larger smartphones and adds features like a pull focus wheel to let you get cinematic focus effects when filming. If you have a blogger in your life, they’ll appreciate this.

For the price, this gimbal is hard to beat.


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RV Club Memberships

Escapees RV Club Membership

Buy your current or future RVer an Escapees RV Cub membership. They’ll join a group of RVers that have escaped normal life and are finding their way on the road.

We are a little partial to Escapees RV Club since we work for them part-time. But, we were Escapees/Xscapers members long before we started working with them.

That was an easy decision because they believe that if we all work to support each other, we can make RVing easier and more accessible for all RVers. We can get behind that!

Membership gives RVers access to the magazine, awesome blog (we might have something to do with it), resources, and rallies and Xscapers convergences. These are great lifelines on the road.


Join Escapees

Harvest Hosts - RV at Vineyards and more

Harvest Hosts Membership

Buy a Harvest Hosts membership for your RVer. This will allow them to have access to overnight camping options at wineries, farms, museums and other unique places all over the country.

This is a great way to find interesting stops along the way and take in another side of RVing that isn’t just RV parks or Wal-Mart parking lots.

We love this option as a gift for RVers as it gives them more choices on the road, doesn’t require any space and makes you look in the know. 🙂

Use RV2Freedom for 10% off.


Join Harvest Hosts

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer


You can skip all the gifts and just give them quarters!

If your RVers don’t have a washer and dryer in their RV, then they’ll love quarters.

Quarters are versatile. They can be used to wash and dry clothes. They can also be used to press pennies and pay parking meters.

In a pinch, they can be exchanged for goods and services too!


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